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Essence is committed to the highest protein in the market. That’s why our recipes feature 85% protein, which is one of the highest available anywhere. This ensures your pets have healthy bodies, keen minds, and radiant spirits.


Cultivated grains have been around for only 10,000 years. For any creatures in the wild, the addition of grains to their diet is not very common. This is why Essence chooses to not include grains in our recipes, as they are just common filler.


High in carbohydrates, potatoes have been known to cause possible food sensitivities in some pets. Potatoes do not provide any significant nutritional benefits, but are often used as common filler. Essence does away with potatoes as they are an unwanted and unneeded source of empty calories.

At Essence, we’re all about mixing it up. The same old flavors and recipes can feel stale after a while. That’s why we use novel protein sources, including a diverse variety of fish, poultry, and red meat to excite the taste buds. This also helps to keep our recipes hypoallergenic.

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85% Animal Protein Ingredients

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Dog Original Recipes

Ranch & Meadow Recipe Bag

Ranch & Meadow Recipe Can

Ocean & FreshWater Bag

Ocean & Freshwater Can

Air & GameFowl Recipe Bag

Air & GameFowl Recipe Can

Cat Original Recipes

Ocean & FreshWater Bag

Ocean & FreshWater Can

Ranch & Meadow Bag

Ranch & Meadow Can

Air & GameFowl Recipe Bag

Air & GameFowl Recipe Can

Limited Ingredient Recipe In-stores Now!

Ocean Recipe Bag

Ocean Recipe Can

Ranch Recipe Bag

Ranch Recipe Can

LandFowl Recipe Bag

LandFowl Recipe Can

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