Nothing means more to us than the health of your animals. We only provide the best ingredients for your pets, nothing else will do.


A high protein, super palatable, novel meat. Due to their free roaming environment (being wild caught), boar meat is very lean and low in saturated fat.


A lean meat, very high in vitamin B which burns fat in the body and suppresses hunger thus prompting weight loss. Goat meat is a hearty healthy meat reducing inflammation in blood vessels.


A complete protein, lamb is high in iron and zinc, providing these minerals in a form that is more absorbable than other sources. Lamb is high in omega-3 and oleic acids making it a heart healthy option.


Pork contains a number of bioactive meat compounds, such as creatine and taurine benefiting muscle growth and development and heart health.


High in omega-3 fatty acids, contain various antioxidants: selenium and vitamin E. Herring is one of the cleanest seafood sources and it contains very little mercury.


High in omega-3’s, protein, vitamin B12, D, and Calcium which are good for bone health. Contain low levels of mercury.


High in omega-3’s, mackerel contains a substantial amount of vitamin D.


Salmon is an excellent source of several B vitamins, which are needed for energy production, controlling inflammation and protecting heart and brain health. Consuming salmon can help protect against heart disease by increasing levels of omega-3 fats


High in protein, low in fat, and rich in minerals, Guinea Fowl is the perfect protein source for growing bodies and strong muscles. Guinea Fowl is also hypoallergenic, so your dog and cat will have a lower risk of allergy-related issues


A premium protein source, Duck provides healthy vitamins and minerals, such as zinc and selenium. Duck is also rich in omega−3 fatty acids, which is vital for a healthy cardiovascular system.


A great source of animal protein that is low in saturated fats and high in essential nutrients, such as riboflavin, selenium, and phosphorous. Our Turkey is sourced from sustainable ranches and farms from the Midwest.


LEAN MEAT ALSO LOW IN FAT AND CALORIES. PURE AND CLEAN AND FOR A HEALTHY, HIGH-PROTEIN DIET. Our CHICKEN is sourced from sustainable ranches and farms from the Midwest.

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