Dogs may have been domesticated for tens of thousands of years, but they’re still wolves at heart. While their behavior may have changed over millennia, their nutritional requirements have not.

Who they were


The wolf pack. There’s no need to explain what that means. Wolves are highly social animals, with a strict code of behavior. And outsiders need not apply. A pack is a tightknit family. Loyalty and teamwork are their creed. One only has to face them as a pack to understand that very clearly.

They hunt together,
they eat together

Wolves hunt prey much larger than themselves. They hunt bison, deer, elk, moose, and sometimes bears. They can do this because they work as a team. Did you know that wolves also have a pre-hunt ceremony where they touch noses with one another before setting off? It’s no wonder humans can relate to them, and why they have become our best friends.

Tracking Prey

More often than not, wolves have to track their prey on open ground. That means prey can see the wolves coming from far away. That in turn means wolves have to track their prey sometimes for days on end. That’s a lot of ground they have to cover.

Peak Health & Strength

Wolves on the hunt patiently stalk their prey, waiting for any opening to strike. The process can take a long time, and they’re on high alert day and night. The wolves are tired and hungry by this point. The meal to come will replenish their energy and give them life. Then the pack can go on to face a new day and another hunt.

Who they are

Part of the family

Dogs aren’t just pets and we aren’t just owners. We’re a family. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our canine companions, and there’s nothing that’s too good for them. We are a tightknit family. Dogs are loyal to us, how can we not be loyal in return? One look and people know that we are one.

A part of our lives

We live together, we play together, and often we exercise together. We go for daily walks, we go to the park on the weekends, we play catch with their favorite ball or toy. When we break a sweat, our dogs are right there with us. That’s how we spend time with our best friends.

Superior nutrition

Just like athletes, dogs need proper nourishment. High quality proteins, healthy vegetables, vitamins and minerals, and other hypoallergenic nutrients. Dogs are active creatures, and they need proper nutrition to fuel their bodies. What kind of nutrition? Superior Nutrition. Essence can give them that.

Past & Present

From the wolf to the modern dog, the needs of nourishment are the same. In our modern world, there are so many things that can be unhealthy to dogs. Things wolves and dogs were never meant to eat are prevalent everywhere. Essence was created to bring nature back to the forefront of your dog’s daily life. Essence brings together the past and present. Essence is the Embodiment of Superior Nutrition.

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