Essence Pet Foods is awarded the 2019 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award in the dog and cat food categories

Essence Pet Foods, a clean pet food brand launched in March 2019 by Pets Global, Inc., has been awarded the 2019 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award in the dog and cat food categories.

Available in wet and dry formulas for both dogs and cats, Essence is a clean formula product that meets the needs of pet owners seeking a product with specific ingredients they wanted to either change or add to their pet’s daily nutritional diet. It also contains at least 85% animal or fish protein ingredients.

Essence offers three unique formulas with the main ingredients being an animal or fish protein, backed by animal or fish meal. Recipes available are Ranch & Meadow containing boar, goat, lamb, and pork; Air & Gamefowl containing guinea fowl, duck, turkey, and chicken; and Ocean & Freshwater containing herring, sardines, mackerel, and salmon. All formulas also contain chia seed oil, coconut flour, and pumpkin, as well as an exclusive vitamin pack produced in Europe by a human consumable vitamin plant.

“As pet parents, we want what is best for our pets and Essence delivers the highest quality in pet nutrition, while taking into consideration the changing needs pets have,” said Pets Global President, Daniel Hereford. “We wanted to create a product that would aid consumers in obtaining the highest level of nutrition for pets and contribute to their pet’s overall healthy lifestyle.”

Editors for Pet Business Magazine said they selected Essence to receive this prestigious award due to its high protein content, as well as offering recipes that are free of flaxseed, alfalfa, potatoes, grains, field peas, and sunflower oil.

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