It is always best to mix new pet food with your dog’s previous food over the course of six days. Here’s how to successfully accomplish this:

  1. Mix approximately 25% of the new food in with the previous food for the first three days
  2. For the next three days, mix half of the new food and half of the previous food for three days. Lastly, mix 25% of the previous food with the new food
  3. At the end of this period, you will then be able to feed the new food to your dog solely

A few things to watch for are any changes in appetite or stool quality.  If you have any questions, it is best to talk to your Veterinarian.

What to expect when introducing a new pet food brand to your dog

Most of the time, when mixing or changing new pet food brands as described above, you will not have too many problems with your dog. Occasionally, a dog may not eat the new food as well for various reasons. Some different animal proteins, for example, fish compared to poultry, may be preferred depending on the individual dog. If your dog does not like a new flavor or protein of dog food, you can request a new Essence sample with another recipe.

Just send us a message at www.essencepetfoods.com


By offering a mixture of the new food with the previous food and steadily decreasing the previous food over a few days, may increase your dog’s acceptance of the new food.


Commitment and consistency are key when transitioning your dog to a new pet food brand.

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