My Corgi, Olive LOVES this food! We’ve been feeding her your kibble since July now. After bouncing from Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Science Diet, Merrick, Crave, and finally back to Merrick because it made my poor pup’s skin the least itchy. Note how I said “least”. None of the alleged high-end, mass produced foods would eliminate her issues. Just minimize them. But then I had the good fortune to meet a bubbly and friendly rep for Essence Pet Foods at a local Dog Festival. She had samples of the Ocean and Freshwater Recipe kibble on-hand and a coupon to try a 4lb bag, completely gratis; NSA, no catches, in addition to free samples. Long story short: Not only does my Corgzilla LOVE the ultra limited ingredient recipe she has not had any allergy-related skin issues. Gone. 100%. Happy Dog Dad, here! No potatoes, fillers, beans, peas, corn, etc. Legit smells like human grade foodstuffs. And the price:quality ratio is truly impressive. That is until this food takes off. It will. Can I get grandfathered in for being an early adopter?! Thanks for offering pet food that makes fur baby and Papa happy, healthy, under budget, and itchies-FREE!

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